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Mobile Application Development using Cordova/PhoneGap

This blog post is the starting point of a series, I plan to write on creating mobile phone applications using Cordova framework. Let’s start with the basics first.An Introduction – Apache CordovaWhat’s Cordova?It’s a development framework that allows you to create mobile applications using web programming languages – HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. You create a mobile “WEB” application & Cordova bundles & package the application to make it run & look like a native app. Cordova comes with many plug-ins that exposes the device’s native functionality such as Camera, file system, location etc. By building “Mobile Web” applications, you can create truly cross-platform compatible Apps that work in all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone. HTML5: App Mark-upCSS: App StylesJQuery & JQuery Mobile: App functionalityCordova: App buildGet your name right – Cordova or Phonegap?Both names - Cordova, Phonegap – effectively correspond to the same framework so decide early on wh…