Mobile Application Development using Cordova/PhoneGap

This blog post is the starting point of a series, I plan to write on creating mobile phone applications using Cordova framework. Let’s start with the basics first.

An Introduction – Apache Cordova

What’s Cordova?

It’s a development framework that allows you to create mobile applications using web programming languages – HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. You create a mobile “WEB” application & Cordova bundles & package the application to make it run & look like a native app. Cordova comes with many plug-ins that exposes the device’s native functionality such as Camera, file system, location etc.

By building “Mobile Web” applications, you can create truly cross-platform compatible Apps that work in all major platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

  • HTML5: App Mark-up
  • CSS: App Styles
  • JQuery & JQuery Mobile: App functionality
  • Cordova: App build

Get your name right – Cordova or Phonegap?

Both names - Cordova, Phonegap – effectively correspond to the same framework so decide early on which name you want to use. You can dig out the history behind the name on Wikipedia. However a one line explanation is that “‘Adobe Corporation’ owned PhoneGap & decided to gift it to open source Apache Foundation. Apache named it Cordova & today looks after its well being”.

Personally, I use Cordova & I would recommend you do too if seriously looking to develop mobile applications in it.

How to setup Cordova?

Well, your first stop should be to go to Cordova documentation website. Follow the simple & clear instructions & you should be ready in no time.

You will need the following for setup. Install these as outlined on Cordova documentation & remember to check your path settings to ensure these are added. Try on Windows “Run --> cmd --> where java, where node, where ant or where android”.

Check out the Cordova documentation, build & install the “HelloWorld” app on your phone to understand how different pieces fit together.

Remember you will need a MAC for developing iOS applications. You can’t use a Windows based system. Shame Apple won’t support that.

Build Projects - PhoneGap build vs Cordova CLI build

Adobe offers a cloud solution to build your Cordova projects called “PhoneGap Build”. You just upload your code & Adobe takes care of building & generating the deployable packages for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Others.

Should you use it? NO.

PhoneGap build is for amateurs. If you are a serious developer then use the Cordova CLI utility to build your projects. It offers many flexibilities, main one is that you don’t have to upload your code to Adobe every time you make a small change to your app. Just run “cordova emulate android” & CLI will take care of preparing, building & running your code inside an emulator.

Is Cordova production ready?

In my experience you need to be a pretty skilled Web & JavaScript developer to create production ready real-world applications. Framework is still evolving with new features being added & bugs fixed, it’s not your ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC kind of stable framework which you can use for highly advanced & complex logic.

It’s good for simple applications. If you are implementing complex solutions, then native is the way to go.


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