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Configure & Install Cordova Mobile Development Framework

Cordova is a life saver as it saves you from learning the native mobile programming languages. You can use your web programming skills to develop a decent looking mobile app. Cordova will package your HTML & give you an installation file that you can submit to app stores.Cordova comes with many plugins to expose the native device functionality. If you intend to use the Camera, there is a plugin, same for device file system & storage & so on.MAC or PCQuestion to use a MAC or PC doesn’t even arise if you intend to develop for iOS. You will need a MAC to do any kind of Apple programming. PC will only be sufficient for Android or Windows Phone based development.Go buy a decent MAC, if you are serious about developing mobile applications. I prefer to use the MACBOOK PRO as the main development machine to build both iOS & Android projects. However a PC would do the job if you just intend to get your hands dirty & explore the world of mobile application development.Whethe…

iOS Development - Code Signing explained

This blog post explains iOS code signing & its associated terms – certificates, signing identity, and provisioning profiles – some of which can be confusing in the beginning.Why sign your code?Signing of application code packages is done primarily to achieve two important security objectives:Verify application identity i.e. to ensure application you are planning to install on your device has been developed by a specific organisation.Protect against unauthorised or malicious changes. The application signature will become invalid if any third party tried to tamper with application code.Security with Certificates & public/private keysYou may be well familiar with HTTPS secure communications protocol. HTTPS uses certificates with public & private keys to encrypt & decrypt information. Public key is available freely on the Internet whereas private key is secured & only available to the entity to which the certificate was issued. Companies keep their private keys highly …