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Hybrid Apps using Cordova/PhoneGap: Ditch JQuery Mobile

I had a very difficult experience with JQuery Mobile & don’t recommend it to anyone due to reasons outlined below. Basically JQuery Mobile is only suitable for a rapid fire sample application that you could build in a week to impress the management. JQuery Mobile is very flaky & its event model is overly cumbersome e.g. I spent days figuring out a problem caused by Cordova scripts loading before JQuery or vice-versa. Furthermore to skin the app to your corporate branding, you will have to fight JQuery Mobile CSS all the way to end. This will result in lot of overrides & messy style sheets.JQM event model & CSSWe all know “deviceready” doesn’t fire in a browser. So what happens when you have tested your app in browsers & now ready to fire it up in simulators. I experienced lot of frustration to simply get the JQuery mobile event model right. Every time my Android simulator will start, my app will load all JQuery scripts before “deviceready” getting fired. After some…