Things to know — Office 365 Groups

You would find below many settings related to Groups which are good to know when creating/managing Groups.

An Office 365 Group

Preferred collaboration tool for project teams that comes with many things — an Exchange mailbox including Calendar, a SharePoint team site, a OneNote Notebook, a Planner.


Groups can be created in many ways and in different services — SharePoint home page, Stream, Planner, Office 365 Admin Center, Exchange Admin Center. Unless, you have admin controls in place, end users can create Groups in any of these services and you would end up with a Group jungle very soon.

Things to know

  • Group members can choose to receive all Group emails directly to their own email rather than going to the Group mailbox. This can be bit of an annoyance though for some users who can change their setting by following the link at bottom of all Group emails.
  • An Exchange license is required for logged-in user to create Groups in O365 Admin Portal. Otherwise option to create Group doesn’t show up.
  • If you have self-service site creation disabled in SharePoint, then users can’t create Groups in SharePoint as ‘Create site’ link will be hidden.
  • Lock Group creation to selected users only e.g. members of a security group ‘Allowed to Create Groups’
  • Delegate Group creation to power users via a Workflow. E.g. Consider building a workflow ‘A SharePoint List form for end users to request a new Group → starts a Flow that requests approval from pre-defined power users or user’s Manager → on approval, create a Group using Azure Function → send Group creation confirmation using Flow.
  • Setup naming policy that prefix each Group name with something like Grp for easier identification
  • Classification policy, keep it simple and use the traffic light classification Green, Orange & Red
  • Expiry & deletion policy, to force end users review their Groups and then potentially delete the ones that haven’t been used for a while



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